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Lethbridge Public Library

Lethbridge Public Library

Lethbridge Public Library is the Community’s choice for the pursuit of literacy, leisure, learning and innovation.

Our Mission: Lethbridge Public Library is a welcoming, inclusive space that connects and strengthens community through equitable access to learning and leisure.

Our Values:
We Value:
• Universal access to ideas for education and enjoyment through language in all its forms
• The customer and the community we serve
• A supportive, positive, fair, team based culture that values everyone’s passions and talents
• Accountability through fiscal responsibility
• Actions, results and continuous improvement Statement on Race & Social Equity As leaders of North America's public libraries, we are committed to achieving racial and social equity by contributing to a more just society in which all community members can realize their full potential.

Our libraries can help achieve true and sustained equity through an intentional, systemic and transformative library-community partnership.

Our library systems are working to achieve equity in the communities we serve by:
• Eliminating racial and social equity barriers in library programs, services, policies and practices
• Creating and maintaining an environment of diversity, inclusion and respect both in our library systems and in all aspects of our community role
• Ensuring that we are reaching and engaging disenfranchised people in the community and helping them express their voice
• Serving as a convener and facilitator of conversations and partnerships to address community challenges
• Being forthright on tough issues that are important to our communities
• Libraries are trusted, venerable and enduring institutions, central to their communities and an essential participant in the movement for racial and social equity

Lethbridge Public Library Opportunities

Continuing commitment
Advanced Screening Required
Lethbridge Public Library

Training and orientation:

  • Participate in the Homebound Volunteer Orientation (which covers volunteer expectations, health and safety procedures, and documentation management.)
  • Work with the Volunteer Manager to review the Volunteer Handbook.

Fuel is NOT covered.

Continuing commitment
Advanced Screening Required
Lethbridge Public Library

We are looking for volunteers who have the skills and experience to assist us in helping adults improve their reading, math, computer and/or writing skills.

After 6 hours of training, you will be ready to begin helping others.

You can choose one-on-one tutoring or teach to a small class on a day or time that works for you.

We have prepared lessons you will use with your student(s) and Read On Staff will support you.