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Leftovers Food Foundation

The Leftovers Foundation’s Rescue Food program is an app-based network that connects food donors to service agencies through community mobilization.
We catch food waste in time and get it to the organizations who are assisting the most vulnerable in our city.

Email: apollo@rescuefood.ca

Leftovers Food Foundation Opportunities

Continuing commitment
Leftovers Food Foundation

Welcome to Leftovers! Our Rescue Food volunteers transport unsellable but still edible food from donors directly to service agencies. Rescuing food can be as convenient as stopping off at a local business on your way home. Or challenge yourself to learn more about the city you live in with a route that’s out of your normal area! Either way, you’re getting good food to the people who need it most.

Sign up in the Food Rescue app and select your city to see what opportunities are currently available. Then choose the opportunity with the time, date, and location(s) that work best for you, and you’re ready to prevent good food from being wasted!