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Canadian Blood Services

Canadian Blood Services

We are Canada’s Biological Lifeline. We are the connection between the sincere generosity of donors and the heartfelt appreciation of recipients, between the profound discoveries of science and the joyful restoration of health. As such, we are nationally responsible for a secure system of life essentials for transfusion or transplantation that’s reliable, accessible and sustainable. That’s why our organization must be efficient, our performance disciplined. We must work as one with our colleagues and partners at all levels. We must be prudent yet smart, rigorous yet agile, capable yet concerned. And we must be innovative, reinventing today so we can find better answers for tomorrow. In a very real way, what we do affects the well-being of all Canadians and every day we must earn their trust. We make a difference and in that, we take great pride.

Canadian Blood Services Opportunities

Continuing commitment
Canadian Blood Services

Make all the difference and join Canada’s Lifeline!

Whether it’s supporting donors throughout the donation process, recruiting new donors, or raising awareness about the importance of our lifesaving programs; our volunteers are a vital link in Canada’s Lifeline.

Whether you want to develop new skills, grow your network, help us improve the donor experience, or simply make a difference in your community, don’t wait and apply today to become a volunteer and make all the difference for patients across Canada.