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Populations Served

  • Children
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  • Accountability
  • Adaptability & Resourcefulness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership
Youth One

After School Drop-In

A core program at Youth One, the after school drop in exists to give youth a safe, fun, empowering and mentoring environment during after school hours.

Program features optional/organized activities, computer lab, art room, mini ramp (skateboarding), climbing wall, table games, concession, daily meal/snack and more.

What a typical drop-in looks like:

  • Volunteers come in for a team meeting 15 minutes before the program starts.
  • Roles within the day are handed out, and any items/announcements for the day are communicated.
  • Doors open for youth at 3pm, here they sign in through our check-in system, or any new youth are registered.
  • 30 minutes after opening, we have a “family meeting” where we go over the 3 golden rules, and let youth know about the planned activities and snacks.
  • After the family meeting, a snack/meal is served, planned activities take place and free time follows.
  • At the end of Drop-In, all volunteers are expected to stay at least 30 minutes to clean and have a debrief meeting.

Volunteer Duties

  • Connect with youth on a relational/mentorship level and supervise/lead the day’s activities and those participating.
  • Within a specific drop-in, you will be trained and given various roles such as new youth registration, snack/meal prep, concession sales, leading activities, front desk check-in and youth engagement (just hanging out with youth!)


  • Volunteers must be 18+


High School/Middle School Drop-ins: Wednesdays and Thursdays (3pm-5:30pm).


Time Commitment

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Type of Opportunity

Tutoring and Mentoring

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Other Opportunities with Youth One

Continuing commitment
Youth One

Quick info about the program:

  • Provides a free daily lunch for high school students.
  • In partnership with local businesses and food banks, youth receive scheduled hot meals, or grab and go lunches to take back to school.

What a typical lunch program looks like:

  • Volunteers arrive at the scheduled prep time (this can vary depending on the day as some meals are provided by local restaurants, and some meals are cooked in house.)
  • Team has a quick meeting to discuss the day, and gets the meal and space ready for youth.
  • Youth arrive at 11:30am, where they are checked in or registered at our front desk.
  • Meals are served as youth arrive.
  • Youth either take a meal to go, or stay if time and regulations permit.
  • Once all youth have left, the team has a quick debrief meeting, then clean up for the next program to start.
Continuing commitment
Youth One

Looking for volunteers passionate about sports.

If you are into physical activity, this might be for you. But if you don’t, there is a place for you as well supporting the program.

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